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Tia would turn 7 today. But she doesn't, for another year. I see her dark ginger hair in my sleep. I glimpse her playing with her younger brother and sister. I feel all of us, happy, together, in another life, in a separate reality. But she died during& labour. Each August is hard on my wife...

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Crafting Webfont Fallbacks

There is a great bit in here where Glen uses Font Style Matcher to create some CSS for a fallback font that has font-size, line-height, font-weight, letter-spacing, and word-spacing adjusted so perfec...

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Chrome 60

The latest version of Chrome, version 60, is a pretty big deal for us front-end developers. Here’s the two most interesting things for me that just landed via Pete LePage where he outlines all the fea...

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A Pretty Good SVG Icon System

By Chris Coyier On June 23, 2017 I've long advocated SVG icon systems. Still do. To name a few benefits: vector-based icons look great in a high pixel density world, SVG offers lots of design control, and they are predictable and performant. I've also often advocated for a SVG icon system that is...

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